Thursday, August 1, 2013

Classroom Progress

It's been awhile since I've been able to blog.  Sure missed my Mac, can't blog from my iPad.  I have missed out on a lot of giveaways and updating everyone on my classroom progress.

Here it is:
Still have much more to do, but am pleased with the progress.  Can't believe it is almost time to go back to school.  Where has summer gone?

Thanks to my mom who helped with my gray curtains.  I actually sewed the yellow one.  (my grandma would have been proud of me)  I will post my calendar when it is finished.  I still have to get a pocket chart or calendar to use my awesome Chalkboard set made by my great friend Amber of  If you want to see what they look like head on over to her store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  She did an amazing job on them!  So proud of her!

I was inspired by all my fellow bloggers that I decided to decorate my filing cabinet.  Hope it is ok, because I didn't ask before doing.  Guess the old saying is ask for forgiveness later.  I think it is super cute!
I absolutely love my chalkboard wall on the side of my wooden mailbox (I use it as storage for manipulates).  Again, oops didn't ask, but I figured better paint over it than kids get splinters in their fingers from the roughness of it.  I am going to let students write on this during Daily 5 writing.  So excited!

These are my curtains over where the kids put their backpacks.  It was too long and I did not want the kids to have to duck down to put up their stuff so I added the chevron ties.  Thought it turned out adorable!

My color word wall.  I actually moved the bottom colors to above the storage drawers after taking this picture.  Think it works better.  Again, the 6 storage drawer was an inspiration from my fellow bloggers.  I made it today while working in my room.  Now, I think I must get more paper and cover the bottom one.  I will use the top one to keep track of my papers and books each day.  

It's not the greatest picture (my daughter was trying to help...thanks Bella I appreciate your help), but here are the new curtains my mom made.  They are gray with turquoise chevron.  I still need to find big yellow buttons to add to them.  I will try to take a close up tomorrow so you can see them better.  They really are cute! Thanks mom!  

Well, that's it for tonight.  I did manage to organize my desk and make it look presentable for at least a couple days!  I try to keep it clean and it never does.  I am hoping my new organizational changes will help.  Thank you fellow bloggers for all the wonderful ideas this summer:)