Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I have my Guided Math book ordered and am excited to start my first blog book study.  My friend Amber participated in the Daily 5 book study last year and made me excited to join in one this year.

If you are interested in learning more about Guided Math, check out Brittany Kielar of second grade sweets blog.  She is hosting Chapter one of the book.  There is also a calendar available to tell you who is hosting all of the chapters in the book.

Happy Book Study!

Here is the link to Brittany's blog:

In addition to my book study, I have been working on classroom decor for the fall.  To go with my "Sunny Day" theme, I have created a new set of classroom rules.  Check them out!  I am pretty proud of my new, inspired creation (thanks to all my fellow bloggers)!

They are simple, but I think they will be a nice touch to my calm, relaxing inspiration!

Wow, I have been a busy "B" today!  I have created so many things that I am excited to put in my classroom in August.  Here is a preview of my word wall.  If you are interested in it for your classroom, click on the picture below to download a free copy at teachers pay

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hey! You have a favicon!!! It's sooo cute:) didn't' tell ME you were doing the Guided Math study (did you tell me?) ! This sounds so cool, I can't wait to hear your insight on the topic. Just may have to join this book study, my friend!

  2. Love my favicon! I just decided today to do this study. Please join me...that will make it extra special. We can teach our co-teachers. Need your help on Daily 5, too!

  3. Hi Melissa! Cute signs to go with your classroom! I did the Daily 5 book study last year...can't decide about joining in one this year. I'm moving schools and grades (from 1st to 2nd), so I have a whole new curriculum to learn and a classroom to get set up.

    Teaching Little Miracles

    P.S. We (Teaching Little Miracles with Kristi and Crystal) are your newest followers. :-)

  4. Thank you! I decided to give it a try this year since I need ways to incorporate math MTSS into my day. Thank you so much for being a new follower. Excited to get to know you. Good luck at your new school. Amber said you were moving closer to home...that will be so nice for you and your family. Wish you all the best!